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From small alpha groups to NFT Projects & DAOs, choose the features that you need!


Simple features that just work.

2.0 ◎

Instant sale notifications

Listing notifications.

Rarity bot.

RaidBOT Protection.

Rarity Checker.


Advanced tools to keep you ahead

5.0 ◎

Everything in Basic And:

Charts & Analytics.

Wallet Sale & Bid Notifications.

Rarity Scrapers

CandyMachine Trackers, Trending Collection trackers.


Voting, Alpha Leaderboards & All Future Features

10 ◎

Everything in Advanced And:

Alpha Call Trackers.


Secret messages.


DAO Voting.

All Features ->



1.0 ◎

✓ Verify multiple collections.

✓ Personal Branding.

✓ Super fast verification.

✓ Ledger & Staking Support.

Paid Raffles

5.0 ◎

✓ Use SOL or SPL.

✓ Self-Claim and escrow.

✓ Cross-Server giveaways.

✓ Limit to channels/roles.

Secret Messages

3.0 ◎

✓ Anti-Mirrorbot announcements.

✓ Password, Captcha, Payments.

✓ Attachments supported.

✓ Anti-Scam link scanner.

Discord Shops

5.0 ◎

✓ Sell services/subscriptions/items.

✓ Pay with SOL/USDC/SPL.

✓ Auto convert prices.

✓ Completely integrated, no external links.

SOL & SPL Tipping

2.0 ◎

✓ Tip in SOL & SPL.

✓ Tip members directly or Tipjars.

✓ Secure onchain transactions.

✓ SolanaPAY Support.

Raid 2 Earn

5.0 ◎

✓ Automatically pick up tweets.

✓ Raid a tweet with a click.

✓ Automatically reward followers.

Frequently asked questions

Can I try some features before paying?

Yes! Most features aside from the addons are activated as a 3 days trial whenever you invite the bot.

I need a custom integration, Can you make it for me?

Of course! Contact us here or shoot us a DM on discord, Bewinxed#0001 and we'll make it happen.

We are derugging a project and would like a discount

We support all community members who are derugging a project, contact Bewinxed#0001 on Discord, Let's talk 😄


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