DAO Tools to put you ahead.

NiftyBOT gives you tools that put you ahead of the curve, Vote, Track mints, Launch your business inside discord, and more..

DAO Voting

Streamline decision-making inside your DAO with voting that is connected to NFT holdings.

  • Easily submit proposals.
  • Multiply votes by NFT holdings.
  • Give extra multipliers to rare NFTs.

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Alpha Tracker & Leaderboard

Allow your members to make calls for an NFT collection, and track its performance along the call.

  • gain reputation based on call performance.
  • Add/remove to positions.
  • Monetize your alpha calls.

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Secret Messages

No more MirrorBots, NiftyBOT Secrets allow you to create protected messages, these messages are stored inside NiftyBOT.

  • Protect your messages from discord mirror bots.
  • Protect with Captcha, Password & Payment

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Multisig Discord Wallet

NiftyPAY MultiSig wallets are Discord Integrated wallets that are stored within NiftyBOT:

  • 🌌 Cross-Server.
  • 📝 Any transactions using these wallets will need to be ✍signed by multiple parties.
  • ✍ Full Audit Log.

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Create your paid event or club Inside of your discord server.

  • Create events and sell tickets inside discord.
  • Create your own club inside of discord.
  • SOL/SPL payments supported.

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Mint Calendar

See upcoming mints and explore sentiment on them.

  • Vote on upcoming mints.
  • See sentiment for each mint.
  • Set mint reminders.

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